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With a new spirit comes a new website


Come and dive into the new Nipahut’s website dedicated to natural escaping.
A new graphic identity surrounded with a warm tainted premium atmosphere is now followed by a fine introduction to who we are, our kow-hows and the 100% bambou made products on the web.
Offering you a soft realistic and elegant experience to discover bamboo huts,pergolas and furniture in a high quality level on the web as well as on social medias was the main subject we worked hard on.
A great co-work with (...)

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a new season starts!


Finally, the new spring-summer season starts!
Let’s take time for escaping ! Discover the Nipahut’s new designed bambou huts, pergolas and Outdoor furniture with the finest finishings ! A new range of natural bamboo furniture to relax whether outside or inside your home. Respecting its DNA, Nipahut reinforced its 100% natural manufacturing products and increases the well-known excellence of the Made in France for fabrics, design, style and cushioning (...)

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