Who are we?

Today, Nipahut has a team of 60 employees, including 50 craftsmen and craftswomen, carpenters, sanders, finishers and assemblers, based in our 972 m2 workshop on Cebu Island in the Philippines.

This 2000 m2 site has a raw material storage area (for bamboo and nipa leaves), production stations and an assembly and storage area for shipping to La Rochelle.

We have our own stirred treatment tank in which we thoroughly treat the bamboo without using pesticides or solvents and we add our own dehumidifier to guarantee constant excellence and durability.

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Who are we? Une partie de l'équipe Nipa et Finitions Philippe Gaillard et Bernardino Payoc, les fondateurs et dirigeants de Nipahut ou l'alliance franco-philippine de l'artisanat d'art en bambou et du savoir vivre à la francaise

Our commitments

Our commitments involve and connect
every member of the Nipahut team at every step of production
from growing bamboo
to seeing your delight.

  • Quality Control: We have set up permanent quality control of both our products and our partnerships, leading to the excellence of “Made-in-France” products.
  • Innovation: We are continually looking for improvements and innovation in our methods, materials, tools and partnerships.
  • Ethics: We see the protection of our environment as a guide and inspiration for all our decisions and activities.

Our timeline

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  • 23 Rue du Fief des Prises
  • contact@nipahut.fr
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