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Our "Made-in-France" partners

Our "Made-in-France" partners

Atlantique sellerie Chatelaillon, Charente-Maritime

Atlantique Sellerie has been an upholsterer, furnisher and leather worker since 1975. Its friendly workshop team in Chatelaillon attends to customers’ every requirement. They have years of experience in the use of outdoor tissues and they are in love with work that has been done well.
A further guarantee of their excellence is that Atlantique Sellerie also partners with the largest and most prestigious French sail and motor boat builders.

NV equipment Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, Vendée - Protection

NVequipment has been a pioneer and a reference throughout Europe since 1977. They design and manufacture customised protection and leisure equipment for all types of boats. The Vendée-based company is currently the only European supplier which can provide manufacturers, dealers and rental companies with traditional know-how and industrial performance. NV products protect yachtsmen, and provide them with customised, comfortable equipment.

NVequipment can combine the quality of customised work with the performance of small-batch production and the precision of an industrialist. Their work organisation gives maximum flow and quality control at each stage of manufacturing. Their precision in associating flexible materials with fixed components is rooted in experience and skills acquired over the years.

Lagazel Saint Galmier, Loire - lighting and solar lamps

LAGAZEL is a French company that was founded in 2015 by Arnaud and Maxence Chabanne. It provides adapted high-quality solutions for 700 million people living without electricity in Africa. After merging with the family-owned SME CHABANNE, this company has now expanded to the French market. Their lamps, bollards and solar kits are made of recyclable metal for greater durability and recovery at the end of their life. Their products are designed and manufactured in France, particularly for regional suppliers and subcontractors. LAGAZEL has created local jobs and contributed to local economic development.

Atman Rochefort, Charente-Maritime underwater vibration sound systems.

Since 2013, ÂTMAN has shown expertise and innovation in the field of high-quality digitally-connected equipment. The company’s team of about ten dedicated employees is based near La Rochelle, in Charente-Maritime. Their sound, light and scent products appeal to the five senses and create an atmosphere of escape, comfort and entertainment.

Their high-quality products result from permanent innovation and full attention to customer satisfaction. They have chosen local suppliers as “Made in France” is their priority and eco-responsibility their concern.
Finally, passing on knowledge and experience is an equally important part of our philosophy. In designing our products we aim to enrich the customer’s experience.

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