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Pergolas and furniture


LUNA Lounge Bed

This Luna outdoor bed is an escape cocoon, perfect for switching off and relaxing. The surface area of the 2-part, outdoor cushion is a huge 4m2. It is covered with the same pleasant, nautical-quality fabric.

Escape to Luna, an historically famous city of Spanish influence, located in the northwest of the main island of the Philippines, where voyagers used to stop to refresh and rest.


Product Highlights

  • Sustainable and Ethical

    • Right from our careful selected of bamboo, to the manufacturing process in our Cebu workshop, our creations are from the heart of nature.
    • - pesticide-free treatment of bamboo and palms
    • - easy assembly with durable and discreet stainless steel fasteners
    • - respect for what nature has to offers in terms of beauty and sustainability
    • - 2 years warranty
  • Comfortable

    • We have selected high-density cushions designed for the boating world and its demanding weather conditions. Like our protective fabrics, which are exclusively made by France’s best nautical upholstery specialists, the cushions are covered with elegant, outdoor-quality, UV-resistant fabrics that look just as good indoors as outdoors.
  • Unique

    • Because each length of bamboo is different with its nodes and its colour nuances, each piece of furniture and each bamboo hut is individual and exclusive.
    • Accessories can include heating, lighting, braziers or sound systems. It is up to you to create the atmosphere you want in your bamboo hut or in your living room. Perhaps you’d like background music, subdued lighting, some candles, a touch of colour, etc.
    • There are so many atmospheres to create and ideas for unique moments of escape for you to share ... or not!

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